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Updated: Mar. 21 (21:14)
Tentative Agreement Reached in Principle
Teamsters Local 492
Look for the Union … Edible
Teamsters local 570
It Just Became Easier for Employers to Dump Retirees’ Pensions
Teamsters Local 355
No Way Out? Blocked Exits at UPS Warehouses Pit Workers at Risk
Teamsters Local 992
Look for the Union … Edible
Teamsters Local 992
Costco Ballots Mailed
Teamsters Local 542
Updated On: Apr 14, 2011

Local 1149 represents workers employed in the brewery and soft drink industries, public works, municipal professional employees, doctors and other health professionals and police officers.  Local 1149 is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, New York State Teamsters Joint Council No. 18 and the The Central New York Labor Federation.
We ask that our members visit this site on a regular basis in order to stay informed on issues of importance as this site will be updated periodically. We hope all visitors, especially our members find this site useful and informative and we welcome your comments.

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March 22, 2019
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